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  • Phoebe Tickell

    Phoebe Tickell

    Cares about the common good. Building capacity for deep systems change. Complexity & ecosystems obsessive. Experiments for everything. 10 yrs #systemsthinking.

  • Nancy Peden

    Nancy Peden

    I use my doctoral work in Transformative Learning & Change to practice, develop and advocate for community-based peer to peer citizen learning w great results.

  • Manilyn Adeva

    Manilyn Adeva

    Executive Director of Instruction.

  • Matthew Prewitt

    Matthew Prewitt

    Lawyer, programmer, writer.

  • Dave Pendle

    Dave Pendle

    Navigating this civilizational moment of disruption to usher in the more beautiful world…

  • Ssonkomosesug


  • Nakitende Zaina

    Nakitende Zaina

  • Jayne Engle

    Jayne Engle

    Cities & Places director @jwmcconnell @cities4people| Adj Professor McGill Univ urb plg | next gen cities & philanthropy/ participatory planning| @JayneEngle

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