Because Planet and Society are more essential and generous to our wellbeing than the corporate brands we love. Corporations wouldn’t flourish to be valuable brands without the input of Planet and Society, yet at the output stage, they get to steal the show, take all the credit, all the wealth, rights, and incentives. It sounds trivial but when scaled as is the case with our obsession with scaling everything today, this brand slavery sucks the blood out of Planet & Society and slows their flourishing. Here’s,

We can survive without corporate brands but not without a productive Planet and Society, yet we’ve been voting (with our purchases) to flourish corporations at the expense of Planet & Society. So, let’s start inverting the pyramid by voting for Planet & Society as well; because, a productive planet & society is impossible without a flourishing Planet & Society.

Inverting the pyramid means more wealth, power, and control from the few to the many and it brands Planet and Society as more valuable than corporations.

In real life when someone takes all the credit for your hard work, it’s he entitled to receive all proceeds not you, Nobel prizes and awards, but above all the love and respect of happy users of the work — he gets to sign the autographs for you — he grabs all the brand value you could have. No doubt corporations create their own brand value but they flourish on the usurped brand value that planet and society could use to flourish themselves faster.

The thing about brands is that we have transformed them into value we cannot live without — which like many artificial things is an illusion. From a value creation perspective, the only value we cannot live without is the value we get from Planet and Society.

Brand value (as branding gurus will tell us) comes down to scarcity — the features or qualities ideally not found anywhere else but with you. Entrepreneurs may come up with and fiercely protect unique business or product ideas, but we can’t get another Planet Earth uniquely designed to sustain humanity, and Society has the unique ability to create knowledge and cooperate — you wouldn’t thrive cooperating with chimpanzees or other species as you would with humans.

What planet and society lose most in this brand slavery to corporations is what corporations gain most: the connection to the masses. Our connection to corporate brands disconnects us from planet and society. Today we value, trust, respect, and protect our corporate products and services more than we do our shared planet and society precisely because all their credit and brand value is usurped by corporations. Returning their brand value is the first step we collectively have to do to ensure a flourishing planet and society.

But first, a new #narrative to shift and inspire people’s hearts, minds, beliefs, and identities.


- Planet & Society invest more in value and wealth creation than do corporations but like slaves who weren’t ‘persons’ then, their share of generated wealth isn’t theirs to own.

- Yet, like corporations have a duty to accumulate shareholder profits, Planet has a duty to sustain us and Society has a duty to cooperate — they need their wealth to do their duties.

- But because their share of generated wealth is taken by corporations, corporations flourish while Planet endures pollution, biodiversity loss, climate change, and Society subjected to violence, gangs, pandemics, mental issues, hunger, etc.

- Then #billionaires charade in to save the situation they helped create. Most times philanthropy is a (10–20 year) delayed payment to Planet & Society massaged as giving back to society. It’s an injustice for your business partner to wait 20 years.

- To revert their wealth to them now (not 10–20 years later), Planet & Society need the ‘personhood’ status corporations enjoy. No need for legal or policy wars here, just tech & mass action can grant this wish.

- Without personhood, capitalist double-entry accounting won’t stop treating Planet & Society as zero-value externalities. Accounting keeps track of a master/slave injustice.

- If slaves were more valuable than masters in the trillion-dollar ‘sugar trade’ of the 16 century, aren’t Planet & Society the most valuable brands, and not #Apple, #Google, #Amazon, etc.?

Heart of Our Problems.

Our unidirectional monetisation system uses us to handover Planet & Society’s share of profits and brand value to the 1%. They usually reinvest it for more wealth, power, privilege, and control, and on lavish lifestyles.

Heart of the Solution.

A multidirectional monetisation system to divert Planet & Society’s wealth and brand value to them right at checkout. The Planety Diversion cashes Planet & Society to fix neglected issues right away and brand value to be loved, trusted, respected, and protected by the masses.


- Deploy the Planety diversion at eCommerce and point of sale checkout via an API.

- A short animation to awaken the masses from reinforcing the injustice that wealth is created by corporations alone; brand Planet and Society as the most valuable brands; and inspire more wealth flow down the pyramid to flourish Planet/Society as well as;

- Rally the masses to demand corporations to deploy the Planety diversion — i.e. divert planet/society’s shares of profit to neglected solvable social & environmental issues via grassroots change-makers.

- Masses boycott brands that disregard the Planety Diversion. After all, boycott is what we do every day. When we choose products that meet our personal-interests (i.e. quality, durability, price, customer care, etc), we boycott those that don’t.

- In fact, corporations use boycotts as well. Just recently thousands of them boycotted Facebook during the #StopHateForProfit campaign and that was because you demanded. Suggest hashtags for this boycott in the comments.

- Like them, we just need to update our list of personal-interests with one more interest — ‘a flourishing Planet & Society’. This update makes us love, trust, respect, and protect Planet & Society and will inspire us to produce and consume sustainably.

- We can’t wish away our personal-interest but without reclaiming our social & environmental interest from corporate hostage, our personal-interest is also enslaved. We need tools to help us balance our personal-interest with our social-interest.


- As a new form of governance, the Planety Diversion dynamically engages the masses to bypass the bureaucracy and self-interest of the corporation and the state to effect grassroots social and environmental change now not later.

- An engine that gives the masses the information they need to support brands that Planety divert as alternatives to those that don’t and also enables daily conscious consumer choices that least affect the flourishing of Planet & Society.

- Personhood; to Planet & Society optimises shared ownership, where the Planety Diversion, spends on neglected solvable issues through grassroots change-makers.

- Innovation; will turn to creating products, services, processes, models, and organisation cultures that foster a flourishing Planet and Society because;

- Competition will move from satisfying only consumers’ personal needs to satisfying their need for a flourishing planet and society as well and,

- Accounting, will now track how much planet/society contributed to products and services as well as how much is due to them not just investor-friendly performance metrics and;

- Branding, Planet & Society will be branded as the most valuable brands because they contribute more to our products and wellbeing than Apple, Google, GM or others, and;

- Advertising, will connect people not just to products/brands but to Planet & Society with relevant information needed to make conscious not impulse manipulative purchases.

NB; these are only tools- you can use a knife to share a birthday cake or kill for self-interest. Capitalism or ‘we’ are using these tools for the latter to parasitize planet and society; but we can redirect them to sharing, to foster a flourishing Planet and Society.


- From Damage, to Repair. To start slowing our own destruction, we can wait for another decade+ for elusive policy changes, or we can give masses the one convenient (and cool) tool they need to change the system and rethink their consumerist lifestyles daily.

CAN WE DO THIS? — Yes, It’s what we do every day — only in the destructive direction.

It is our microscopic daily actions configured to send trillions to the 1% that enslave Planet/Society, and it’s the same atomic actions to do the repair after the awakening.


- Not a utopia but a more cooperative society and more sustainable planet for us and our kids — more wealth down the pyramid is more power & control from the few to the many.

- If your millionaire boss is not as cooperative to give you a living wage, the Planety Diversion converts him to do so — because the many have the tools to speak for you.

- What if you could borrow with zero interest or even better produce collaboratively without the need for credit?

- It inspires us all to produce and consume not just for self-interest but for a flourishing planet and society as well and nurtures a balance between our self and social interests.

- Increases Happiness: studies show that altruistic actions and a connection to planet and society reduce stress and improve mental health, especially if done on a regular basis.

- Fires-up markets to compete on not just profits but fixing planet & social issues urgently.

- Overrides self-interested social middlemen & instantly directs funds to grassroots impact; disrupting inefficiencies in CSR and philanthropy.

- Reduces plutocracy — government by the wealthy because you decide where funds go.

Again the goal here is simple: Make Planet & Society The Most Valuable Brands Of 2021.

Capitalist, socialist, or agnostic you are a big part of this and we will communicate when the plan starts rolling, for now just share, and we love to hear your comments — especially constructive criticism. Thank You

Idealistic Generalist hunting for How can technology coordinate consumers to flourish planet & society more; just like it coordinates us to flourish businesses?

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