Social Finance is still in the Stone Age!

Yap Stone Money

Because; Like in the stone age, our monetisation and ownership system is designed to serve our self-interest at the expense of our social-interest. Worse still, ‘planet & society’s input in wealth creation goes unrewarded.

If A and B contributed to product X, in the stone age it was impossible to divert B’s money to her at a counter manned by A, selling product X. In the digital age B still has to wait for weeks to receive their payment from A. This is okay if B’s contribution is backed by the legal system.

But despite the fact that no product can exist without their input, ‘planet’ and ‘society’s contribution isn’t backed by the legal system, yet ‘businesses’ are conveniently protected (which is strange because planet, society, and business are ‘social constructs’ with intra- and inter-dependent entities), so all wealth goes to them. This injustice would be okay if planet and society’s exploited resources are infinite — and they aren’t.

What corporations are essentially doing is converting the finite shared resources of planet and society into capital and putting it under the control of a few. It’s not enough the markets to be free, they also have to be caring and inclusive.

Like intertwined threads, every product we purchase has our personal-interest and social-interest. But at purchase, we are able to only pull out our personal-interest thread (wellbeing) exchanging it with corporate self-interest (profits) leaving our social-interest thread with corporations — now in the form of capital. Since it’s already in their hands and control, they use it to extract planet/society even more to increase their self-interest.

Granted, we all want more rather than less of the goods of planet/society and will always choose self-interest over social-interest — it’s understandable. But our self-interest is almost useless without a flourishing planet and society.

On top of its original roles, we continuously task the state to oversee our social-interest but it can only do so much, plus it’s been infiltrated with corporate self-interest further increasing its inefficiency. For planet and society’s future, the stakes are higher than ever. As governments improve, new complementary modes of informal cooperation to finance a flourishing planet and society are overdue.

As trust in governments is reducing, people are increasingly placing it in technology because it delivers for them every day. They are also increasingly sensing the social-interest thread injustice above and demanding that corporations do more (than shareholder interest) to impact planet and society.

People are essentialy demanding that the monetisation system separates their personal-interest thread from their social-interest thread so that the social thread goes not to flourish corporations more and more but to flourish planet and society.

The PlaSo Diversion proposes a set of tools that gives consumers and businesses incentives to divert their social interest thread directly to planet and society right at the counter. With this wealth, planet and society can finance their neglected needs, be more regenerative and more productive, clean up capitalism’s waste, and foster a flourishing future for themselves. This will nurture a caring & inclusive identity of capitalism and compassionate masses.

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