The Cliff’s Melody: A Tale of Awakening and Harmony

Abdul Semakula
4 min readJun 20, 2023


Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

In a world where curiosity and adventure intertwined, there lived an explorer who sought to share a breathtaking experience with others. High above, perched on the edge of a majestic cliff, lay an idea that shimmered with excitement.

With the reassurances of skilled engineers, the explorer gathered a team, spreading the word about the incredible event. The response was overwhelming, as thousands eagerly signed up and the waiting list grew longer by the day. It became a weekly phenomenon, a party on the cliff that captured the imagination of millions.

Success greeted the explorer’s efforts, attracting the attention of eager investors who saw the potential for boundless growth. Billions of dollars flowed in, fueling dreams of expansion and fame. Yet, amidst the jubilation, a faint whisper of concern began to echo.

The same engineers who had initially ensured the cliff’s safety now cautioned of its compromised structural integrity. The weight of human activity had taken its toll, putting everyone at risk. It was a difficult realization, caught between the allure of success and the gravity of impending danger.

As the music played and the crowd reveled, fate stepped onto the stage. The cliff, unable to bear the weight of the festivities, began to crack and crumble, drowning out the music and sending panic through the crowd. Once lost in celebration, the crowd now scrambled to find safety.

In that moment of chaos, a voice of wisdom emerged — a Regenerative Guide who observed the world with a different perspective.

Guide: Will the path that led us here be the one to save the day?

Explorer: What path are you referring to?

Guide: The choices made in pursuit of personal gain. Who truly benefited from them?

Explorer: Honestly, it was “me” and the investors who reaped the rewards.

Guide: Self-interest at the expense of the greater good?

Explorer: No, this is not the time for such thinking. We must shift our focus to the well-being of all. We need a new way of seeing things.

Guide: Precisely. Now, Imagine this — what if the cliff were not merely a lifeless rock but an integral part of a larger living entity — a place with a voice and rights? What if the place were seen as a citizen of the larger ecosystem it inhabits?

Explorer: A voice and rights? A citizen? How would the Place, including the cliff, make choices? How would it act? And what outcomes would those choices bring? Wait. That changes everything. If we view the cliff as a citizen of the natural world, our choices would be guided by its well-being and the balance of the ecosystem.

Guide: Precisely. By envisioning the cliff or place as a citizen, we extend moral consideration beyond human interests. We recognize the interconnectedness of all living beings and the responsibility we hold in nurturing and preserving the harmony of the ecosystem.

Explorer: So, if the cliff were considered a citizen, its well-being and the well-being of the entire ecosystem would be integral to any decisions we make. We must forge a new path of regeneration and thriving.

Guide: Absolutely. Embracing this regenerative mindset, we can create a future where harmony between humans and nature thrives. By recognizing the Place, including the cliff, as a citizen, we shift our perspective from exploiting nature for personal gain to coexisting and coevolving with it. Our actions must align with the larger purpose of ensuring the thriving of the ecosystem as a whole.

Explorer: It’s a profound shift in thinking — a shift from ego to eco. We must transcend our narrow focus on individual benefits and embrace a higher-order purpose that encompasses the well-being of the Place and all its human and nonhuman inhabitants.

Guide: Indeed. It is through this transformative shift in thinking that we can begin to address the pressing challenges we face, such as social inequality and the climate crisis. We need new economic models that prioritize collective well-being, cooperation, and regenerative practices. And we can achieve this only by recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings. We must work towards a harmonious coexistence.

Explorer: It’s a call for a paradigm shift — a fundamental change in how we perceive our relationship with nature and each other.

With newfound clarity, the explorer wastes no time. Armed with a deep sense of responsibility, they take action, rallying others to join in the journey of regeneration. Together, they champion sustainable practices, nurture a profound connection with nature, and inspire the world to embrace a harmonious way of living.

Word of their transformative efforts spreads like wildfire, igniting a global movement of change. Governments, communities, and individuals come together, driven by the understanding that our choices shape the world we inhabit.

NB: This story got some wording help from ChatGPT



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