Why Product Management?

I attended a meetup on Product Management by ProductTank Which was Good for a start.

Didn’t have chance to respond to a question where someone asked how ReadyPay cops with many people sleeping at 7PM in Eastern Uganda.

I believe this is an opportunity in and of itself, because the more important question to ask (as a Product Manager) is; Why are over 4 Million households sleeping so early? The answer would be that they don’t have access to (or have not heard of ) disruptive products like ReadPay’s to keep them awake.

Technology is there to disrupt our behaviours with hitherto new opportunities. In Africa before knowledge, mail, telephone, cars, internet, etc, you had to hire a SWIFT runner to send a message to the next village.

And this is where good product management comes in as it it is the difference between winning & losing as https://www.kennorton.com/essays/productmanager.html says.

Extrapolate that, it is the difference between profit and loss, between adoption and rejection, between building a sustainable solution and a 1–9 year old company.

Most importantly to my Ugandan brothers and sisters, it’s the reason me and you have no more than 2 locally built apps if not none on our phones. It is the reason we still prefer western products right from the toothpick through undergarments to now Chinese building our roads. We have good engineers but we relegate the importance of Product Management.

Idealistic Generalist hunting for How can technology coordinate consumers to flourish planet & society more; just like it coordinates us to flourish businesses?

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