Why Societies Act Against Their Interests

We all loathe inequality yet we continue to feed the system that creates even further inequality! Why is that?

Unbalanced Power and The Blinding Effect

‘Knowledge is power’, but only as long as it translates into access to basics, wellbeing or money. But money doesn’t disappoint in putting food on the table, paying the bills and luxuries if you have more. So, money is absolute power. If you need a phone for example, you can risk jail — use your muscle power to steal one from a shop, use a gun power to threaten the seller, or nonviolently use money to pay for it.

Absence of Alternatives

If you are blinded, what you can accomplish is limited to the other senses — you work within your means, within the box or your environment. It’s why slave trade, apartheid, colonialism and others lasted centuries until the masses were woken up. But an underrated force of change is the availability of better alternatives.

Idealistic Generalist hunting for How can technology coordinate consumers to flourish planet & society more; just like it coordinates us to flourish businesses?

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